I went clothes shopping yesterday and got a lot of stuff.
I was in metro from about 2 until 8.
I still want more stuff.

We also had the orientation at Port Moody, it was nice to see everyone again, and apparently my hair was the talk of the town 0_o;. Nothing that special. I also got to talk to the french art teacher lady and she seems pretty cool.

And speaking of hair, Ellie has pink hair dye and i want to add pink streaks to my bangs, because it would be cool, and because it would piss off me dad beyound belief. You can't even imagine.

I also went to Ellie's today and it was pretty fun, we watched parts of saw 2 on youtubeand then went to jim's farm market and got peaches, udon and milk and rice crackers and pocky. then i got pankace mix and we made pancakes, Ellie can flip them like a pro. Then i was taught how to wear my pants so they would look hot and mikaila did my hair.