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I haven't posted since Amy's burfday 0_o;;

K, well a LOT of shat happened since. Shat i don't feel like describing =D.

Well Mikaila left D=, for a week, but now it's 2 D=. She got into a fight with her mom there but now they amde up =D. WE CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO CAME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason for my bitchy mood is this:
This morning my friends knocked and said they want me to come return a movie we rented, and i told i have to quiqly take a shower. But my dad went before me knowing i had people waiting for me, so by the time i was done they already left T__T;;.And they were planing on going to metro today, THEY BETTER NOT LEAVE WITHOUT ME!

so me = pissed @ friends & dad

And i missed SO much kendo practices it's almost disgusting.


I haven't posted in a long time because I was lazy, and now I'm not, so here goes:

I went to the okanagan recently and it was really pretty, mosquitos are my legs D=. The locals were(and still are)the ANGRIEST people you have ver seen XD.

Then I went to the Harrison Hot Springs, I got sand in shoes. There was a sandcastle building contest and you had to pay to get in but I just stood on a bench and looked over the fence.

I went to Ellie's on wednesday and oh my, we sparkled ourselves. Ellie your dog is a ninja on crack XD, it's the Cutest thing ever! We looked her her mom's yearbook and here are the names that win:

Slaughter Amanda
Nathan Nathan
Poorooshasb ____
____ Nazi
____ Orly

I think we learned a new language trying to pronounce all of them XD.
Then Ellie made the yummyest food EVA <3.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment and the dentist told me I don;t floss, well excuse me but you woulden't either at 4 am. I'm getting my braces in soon. Bwahahahaha!
And I got new shampoo! SUNSILK! omg it's silky hair in a bottle, get it, you won't regret it.

And later that day ma mommah helped with mah Russian homework, I still have to finish math.

I've watched the persona 3 trailer a million times now, I can't wait for that game to come out <3.


And zomg it's Amy's b-day party tomorrow!!!!!!!
In FF X-2, I have finally reached 100%, after 2 years, about time XD.

A moth flew in to fridge 2 days ago, I trapped it under a glass and left a note saying NOT to touch it, but my dad still released it, and now another moth layed it's eggs on my curtain....GET AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! $#@%&^%*&%^!!!

Ok, I have to go, almost time to leave for the Okanagan!


(Iknow short post)
I have not posted in the longest time.

So we finished grade 8, everyone looked amazing, holy crap. And I got to see Hayley wearing hiheels LOL. Ellie had such cool hair, it had gems in it. Ashley had a chinese dress with flowers on it and and Sara had an orange dress with flowers and a mesh thing, Amy wore a grey dress with sandals. I looked lame compared some of the other boys.

On the last day of school a lot people (including Mikaila) cried. I wish good luck to all the jocks going to Centenial.

Mikaila also dyed her hair blond.

Last night I started talking to Alex, and even though he seems to be on estrogen like Ellie said, he's actually really nice. He likes hiking and and swimming, he skateboards and takes interst in science. I never knew.

And apparantly I'm going to the Okanagan this week (O_o; umm...spontanious much?) with my mom and her best friend Anna. Alex says he's going too and I might see him during the canada day fireworks.

HAPPY BITHDAY MIKE AND OGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND AMY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

After 2 whole years, I finally got 100% in FFX-2, TWO GODAM YEARS!!! Now I need the "Higher power" and the "The end" garment grids, I also need tp get the mog dressphere and the last dance manual for songstress.


I used pwnzaga on them and they died LOL (Final Fantasy joke, YOU BETTER GET IT)

excpet I didn't, we called over my dad's programmer friend who works at UBC and after a hike around buntxen lake he fixed everything and got us a firewall and anti-virus. =D

And I finally finished KH 100%, the missing torn page was in chamber 6 of monstro. The sealing of the 100 acre woods is so cute, and i got cheer for Sora. The 100% ending was a bit dissapointing though....It had a cool title thought "another story, another side...)

Right now I'm working on the 100% ending for FF X-2. I also found out that there will be a Final Fantasy XIII, Squar must be really busy working on FF XII, XIII, and Dridge of Cerberus. They might also release a remake of FF VII for ps3 in 2007. And aparently there will be two VERSIONS of XII released, one plain, and another limited edition that's going to be more expensive.

Ellie and Mikaila performed for the cultural slpash and they wqere AMZING. They are noe superstars at our school =D GO YOU!!!!
Our pc got infected witha virus, but we figured something out, our friends went to Moscow recently and they leftt all ther furniture at our house se we plugged their pc to our moniter. Everything on thi pc is in Russian and it's dam confusing, even LJ was in Russian so I had to type "livejournal in english" on google.

I hate it when something bad happens to our pc.

And I had Ikkyu grading yesterday, I PASSED, but only 4/7 judges passed me.
I still pass, and you don't. haha. hahaha. ha.

And when people were practing kata before the exam a guy got hit on the head with a bokuto. HE GOT PWNZERD!

I got sushi when I got home too, the only bad thing on that day was that I had to wait with kalen(gaden?...the creepy guy with really long hair who hits too hard)until my dad picked me up after the exam, that guy is weird.
I realized, that the hairstyle I really want and saw in a mag. at my hairstylist's......................................IS TAKKI'S HAIRSTYLE!!!!!!

But I didn't know him back then, that's why he seemed familiar when I saw him on Ellie's wall.


And speaking of Takki, VENUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Ellie and Mikaila came over yesterday and we did a bunch of crap, then we played KH for 30 mins. and I lend Ellie my ps2 with the game and right now she's in wonderland (I hate that place).

I found out that there will be a Final Fantasy XIII for ps3 starring a girl this time. so far only VI and X-2 had girls as the main characters.

I have kendo today but I don;t think my dad will make back in time from work, and thursday classes are a bit scary becasue Isa-sensei is a tad scary. And I have Ikkyu grading this weekend. I think I have good chances of going up in ranks. =D
Today we had a sub for Mr. Loewy and he had a HUGE forehead and his eye twitched all the time. I really didin't like him. I talked with Mika about how math makes the world go round but he dislikes math. Everyone seems to dislike it. Me and Ashley attempted to do a high 5 with a pose and both hands, WE WERE SUCCESFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! WE PWNZ JOOH.

Then me, Mikaila, and Ellie, went to Mikaila's house and Ellie kicked me twice and slapped me. and I killed a spider with a stick and chased almost donw to safe way with it. Then Mikaila fell into the pool.

I'v been trying to fing the clip where HG does kendo on youtube, but I can't. >__< dam hippies.

Wtf typing feels really weird..................jhjaldfwujmnp9fim jhiof....yep it feels weird.
I'm back from Tofino everybody! And if was lots of fun! And they don't like hippies there!

I was going to get an anti-hippie shirt but it was like 30$ so my parents said no, and there was a lot of other anti-hippie merchandise there, like stickers, posters, and hoodies.

We visited this place called bog trail, and there are swamp trolls, mountain trolls, bridge trolls, faeries, forest faeries, pixies, witches, evil wiches, wizards, and many other magical creathers there. We didn't see them but they are there.

There were a lot of other pretty beaches everywhere.

And we saw this fat sea lion eat fish and it looked like a giant sea sausage.

On the way back we stopped somewhere and I added a bunch of amaretto in my dad's coffee and ended up drinking it instead of him.

I still didn't finish my essay though. It's because of the dam hippies!
My parents are making me to tofino and I don't want to go, I went to bed at 1:30 and I had to wake up at 6:00, and I have an essay to write without the which I can't graduate, and I might have to miss school on monday, maybe even miss kendo and mako told me to come because I have to practice kata for the grading. Why can't I stay home?

I also found an anime last night, loveless, everyone has cat ears (0_o wtf?) and we follow the the life of an emo boy who's brother died, and meets some kind of guardian that he sexes, no not really, the guardian guards him (duh!).But the gurading keeps saying he loves him.

Hokay Bye!!!~~